Mythic Mother

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Handed down to me through the centuries

Mythic Mother

Virgin Mother


Virginal vagina

Disembodied incubator of incarnation.

Assumed assumption

Or maybe dormition

Adoration and contrition

Queen of our hearts

Mother of God

Our Lady

Or maybe not.

I can not be this mythic mother.

I am fleshy and embodied

I can not detach, detangle, dismiss my humanness.

I can not juggle all these things.

I can not be all these people.

My vagina has been stretched by sex and birth and death.

My body will decay- sometimes I feel like I’m falling apart.

My heart is not always open.

I am not always serene.

I am not clean.

Yet, mythic mother who lost a child

I lost two too.

So I wonder if there is more to you than meets the eye

Icons don’t always speak the truth.


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