Embalming Tradition

We’re recruiting

Searching out

Actively seeking

A new influx of Morticians


Morticians of tradition


We need some embalmers

Who won’t harm us,

Who won’t harm what has gone before,

Who will handle it with such care

That it still appears to be alive.


Agitators need not apply.

No big ideas or imagination

A stationary stance is our preference.

No enhancements, no reframing

Refrain from the novel

Dispel dissent

Make your declarations of assent

To the rigidity of the past.


A past viewed through those comfortable rose tints

Constructed through nostalgia

How the world used to be

But never really was.


Taking our specially formulated embalming fluid

Cultivated over generations

Our secret recipe;

Disconnected liturgy

Awkward choreography

Privileged Theology;

Your role is to simply prop it all up.

To give the appearance of life to that long dead.

Vacuum pack models of past ‘success’

Market them with catchy titles from 20 years ago

Throw in some graphics

And there you have it

Embalmed tradition

Full training givenFullSizeRender (14)


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