Embalming Tradition

We’re recruiting Searching out Actively seeking A new influx of Morticians Specifically Morticians of tradition   We need some embalmers Who won’t harm us, Who won’t harm what has gone before, Who will handle it with such care That it still appears to be alive.   Agitators need not apply. No big ideas or imagination... Continue Reading →


Beatitudes Reflection [Matthew 5:1-11]

Blessed are the poor in spirit; The worn, the torn, The threadbare The barely there: Theirs is Heaven’s Commonwealth.   Blessed are those who mourn; Who carry the heavy weight of loss at all times Marked by the invisible residue of grief: They will be comforted.   Blessed are the meek; The everyday, ordinary Those... Continue Reading →


Formation Conformation Confirmation of conformity Me squeezed into a too tight, uptight, cassock shaped mould, Hold on - who am I? Without wanting to wander into the hazy dazed realms of nostalgia, I remember, I was someone else once. Formation - anaesthetising the self out of me. Habitus, If I keep doing these things, your... Continue Reading →

Mythic Mother

Handed down to me through the centuries Mythic Mother Virgin Mother Paradoxical Virginal vagina Disembodied incubator of incarnation. Assumed assumption Or maybe dormition Adoration and contrition Queen of our hearts Mother of God Our Lady Or maybe not. I can not be this mythic mother. I am fleshy and embodied I can not detach, detangle,... Continue Reading →

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